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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Lakewood Varsity Volleyball vs Poly

Moore League Volleyball Action

I haven't covered volleyball in several years, but last week I was asked to cover the Lakewood vs Poly game, which was played at Lakewood this past Thursday.  These are two top-10 teams in the state and although there is still plenty of games to go, this was for the current first place spot in the league.

Four sets were played and I have to say the last two sets were some of the best volleyball I've seen.  The energy was so intense in the gym with both sides screaming and yelling, man I loved it.

Although its been a very long time since I've shot volleyball, I am please with what I was able to capture and walk away from.

These are my favorites from the games.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Lakewood Freshmen Football vs Jordan

Week 5

Lakewood Freshmen vs Jordan

I was only able to cover half of this game as I was requested by the Long Beach Gazette to cover some volleyball games.

Although I only had half a game, I was able to walk away with some nice shots, here are my favorites from the game.  Gear used - Canon 1DX and Canon 300 f/2.8L IS

Poly Varsity Football vs Mission Viejo

Week 4

Poly vs Mission Viejo 

I have been very loyal to Lakewood High School and have been covering them through the good and the bad.  I've watched as their football program has slowly declined do to many reasons, which I won't discuss here.  With that being said and in the end I shoot football for our local paper, the Long Beach Gazette.  This year has been a rough one thus far, which means its been very rough capturing the action when your school isn't really giving you any, so needless to say when I was requested to cover the Poly game this past Friday I jumped at the opportunity.  Well I am now regretting that.

Poly is the Moore Leagues top school when it comes to sports in general and has dominated football for at least a decade plus.  I expected this game to be action packed with a lot of opportunities to capture it, but as it turned out the action was minimal on both sides of the ball and for both teams.

Additionally Poly's sideline was packed with everyone with people that really had no business being there and I'm surprised its not more controlled, but when all was said and done I did manage to get the shots I wanted, even if it meant squeezing in between people to get it.

Now above I said I regretted covering the Poly game over Lakewood.  The final score for Poly was 7-12 and the final score for Lakewood was 39-49.  I have stuck with Lakewood through it all and should have been there with them for their past game.  Never again if I have any say about.  Now don't get me wrong, I will continue to shoot what the Gazette requests me to cover and will always shoot a Poly game when able, but if I do have a choice, it will stay with Lakewood.

Here are my favorite shots from the game.