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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Lakewood Varsity Football vs Millikan

Week 5

Lakewood Varsity vs Millikan

Here are some highlights from the for the Hamilton Trophy.

A little food for thought to those who follow my sports photography.  I run a sports action photography group on facebook, which was started to help those who are new to sports action photography.  I wanted a place where a parent who simply wants to take better shots of their kids can go to seek advice and help to better their photography.  Why do I say that now, well because in order to have a group like that work I need those with experience to help those without.  In a perfect world this would work as I intended it to, but this isn't a perfect world and it doesn't.  What I find is a lot of those who have the top gear really don't have an understanding on how to help someone using entry level gear.  Their answer to many things is just get better gear, well that's not what's it about.  Don't get me wrong, top gear helps a lot, but if you can't get top gear, its not the end or the road for you, you just need to learn how to work within your gears limitations.

With that being said you'll see a lot of noised (grain) in many of my shots.  My thought process is, this is football, which is a rough sport and to be honest I feel the noise simply adds to that look and feel of a shot.  I will often shoot my games as high as 25,600 ISO.  So don't be afraid to increase and push that ISO to get the shot, but please when shooting at higher ISO, slightly over expose your shots.  I better to darken or lower the exposure in post then to brighten a shot.  Darkening a shot can decrease the amount of noise you'll see in the shadows.

So get out there and have fun shooting you kids.

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