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Welcome to my blog. Looking through my posts you will find that I love and have a passion for photography and although my expertise so to speak is in Sports Action, I have been getting into wildlife and senior portraits. No matter what I'm shooting I want to bring my client the best possible shot I can and give them / you a photograph that you will cherish for a lifetime. If your looking for someone to capture your child in action, to show the intensity and emotion in which your child plays, look no further. Just drop me a line (e-mail) at homerkenpo@aol.com. I cover most areas in Southern Califoria.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Lakewood JV Football vs Serra

Football has officially started for me and my first game finds me at Lakewood covering the JV game against Serra High.

This is my roots and where I developed my eye for action - FOOTBALL.  It was great being on the sidelines and I'm looking forward to a couple of months of action .

As my prior post where I indicated I had the opportunity to play with a 1DX, well that continues with me using it for this game.  Even though I can't afford one and will have to eventually go back to my Canon Mark IIn, I love that camera and I love how the shots look.  They are just so much clearer than what I normally get.  Tonight I get to try it out under the lights and I will be pushing that ISO to see how it looks at those very high ISO's, because in the end that's what I have the camera for, to test it and its limitations.  Noise or no noise - I'm pushing that ISO tonight.

Enjoy the shots as much as I did taking them.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bolsa Chica Wetlands - with a Canon 1DX

Well I recently got my hands onto a Canon 1DX to use for a short time and the first place I went to give it a run was the wetlands.  Not only did I have access to the 1DX, but I also had access to a 400 f/4.

My adoptive sister Jamie was down for a short time, so we got together this past Friday evening to spend some time chatting and taking pictures.  The perfect opportunity to take out this temporary new gear for a go.

I have to say, although there is a pretty big learning curve compared to my Canon Mark IIn, I was able to make some setting corrections and had a great time shooting it.  I was very pleased with how crisp my shots looked and know this a must have in the future.

I've been going to the wetlands for quite some time and haven't seen any osprey, but of course when I had someone with me one decided to show up with his catch of the day.  So I didn't stay in the area long, but did take a few shots, which is the shot of the osprey with the fish.

The following day I headed out to the wetlands once again to try the gear out and wouldn't you know that osprey returned.  This time I hung out and ended up with some nice in flight shots of the osprey coming in and taking off.

Love the camera.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Its been awhile since I've had a senior portrait session, but when my sister-in-law asked, of course I said yes.

I sort of handle my senior portraits like I handle my sports.  I bring my gear, show, up, and let things happen as they do.  I go with what I feel and try to make things work in a visual sense.  This time was a little different as I had a new addition to my gear I've been wanting to try out.  I recently bought an Einstein strobe, along with an octagon soft box so I can raise the level of my work.  I was hesitant to use it during this shoot and fell into my normal routine, but I then came to a point where I just had to use it and you'll see why below.

Oh I should add these were all shot with my 300 f/2.8.  I'm going to start a new trend for senior portraits with that 300.

These are my favorites from the shoot, please enjoy.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Newborn - Zeppelin

My niece just had her baby and I offered to take some newborn shots of him.  I think I have an idea of what will work or look good so gave newborn photography another go.

Although I didn't end up with a lot of shots, I was very pleased with what I did have and here are my favorites of the group.

Can anyone guess which shot was taken with my 300 f/2.8 lens?