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Welcome to my blog. Looking through my posts you will find that I love and have a passion for photography and although my expertise so to speak is in Sports Action, I have been getting into wildlife and senior portraits. No matter what I'm shooting I want to bring my client the best possible shot I can and give them / you a photograph that you will cherish for a lifetime. If your looking for someone to capture your child in action, to show the intensity and emotion in which your child plays, look no further. Just drop me a line (e-mail) at homerkenpo@aol.com. I cover most areas in Southern Califoria.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lakewood JV Football vs Compton

This marks the second week of season play.

Here are some shots from the JV game, but before I get to the action, lets start with a couple of pictures of our cheerleaders. 

This pass was intended for the compton receiver (white / blue), but fell short and right into the hands of #2.  I was positioned at the endzone and had a clear view of this pass, which was along the sidelines.

A little facemask, which wasn't called.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby Lillian

 I was asked recently to take some newborn shots of my God daughter's newborn, Her dad and I have been friends since about 1st grade.  So just like I would say yes to my daughter, I said yes to her.

Now this is my first time ever doing newborn shots and I know my editing skills have a long way to go, but I am very happy with how these turned out, especially the first few.

With that said here are my favorites from the shoot, which took about 3 1/2 hours, and although it was long I did enjoy it.

San Marcos Soccer

 This past Saturday I took a drive out towards Oceanside to shoot some soccer.  A good friend and photographer (Shelly Rosen Photography), whom I admire, has two boys who are currently playing soccer.  So I went out to hang out with a fellow photographer and shoot some soccer (perfect Saturday).

The day ended with us meeting up with another photographer (Peter Tellone - aka "Moose") for dinner at a local casino.  Had a great time just hanging out and spending some time with friends.

Matt had the first game (green jersey) followed by Jacob.  Hope you all enjoy the shots as much as I did taking them.

Lakewood Varsity Football vs Wilson

 Lakewood vs Wilson marks our first season game as well as being at home, which gave me the opportunity to work on another composite for the football program cover.  I have to say this is my favorite one yet, I was real pleased how it turned out, that is except for one thing.  I've received a couple of comments regarding my font used (which I do like), but I will say I am going to make a strong effort to find something more suitable for the next program cover.

Of course I have to start off the shots with the cheerleaders

And then follow that up with some love for the and and dance team.

Now to the action.