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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sports, Sports, Sports, and Sports "Part II"

As stated before I had a lot of pictures to go through. I'll start with our JV football pictures. These are from our game against Poly at Lakewood High.

Now for some shots of my son in action. Poly was a tough team to play and the pictures show it.

Here is a shot of my son recovering a fumble, he is the top player in red.

On Friday after work I went to Lakewood High to shoot the Girls Varsity Volleyball team as they played a team from Australia. Here are a few shots from those games.

After takeing some shots of the girls volleyball game I rushed to vet's stadium to shoot the varstiy football game against Poly. Both our JV and varsity teams lost against Poly, but our freshmen team won. Here are some shots from the varsity game.

And finally on Saturday I shot a couple of soccer games for a local league. I shot a U12 Girls team and an U15 Boys team.

I did say there were a lot of pictures, didn't I. In closing this post I want to end with a different type of sports shot. While taking shots of the last soccer game on Saturday I was standing at one end of the field while the action was at the other end. While there waiting for the action to return to my side I looked at the goalie, who was just standing there looking at all the action taking place and I thought how lonely he must be at this time. Just standing there waiting for the action to come his way and hoping he'll be ready. So I composed this shot and rather like it.

Friday, September 28, 2007

"Sports, sports, sports, and sports"

I'm going to write about this week / weekend now since I will be too busy to do so later.

First, our JV team had their anticipated game against Poly last yesterday afternoon. I'll say it now, we lost and lost big, 0-19. Not that Poly is the only tough team we will play this season, but they are the team to beat as they have the biggest attitudes. I'd have to say that even though we lost our defense did a great job. The three touch downs were scored on three big plays by Poly, but all-in-all our defense stopped them hard. It was our offense that couldn't get anything started. We did have a couple of opportunities but failed to do anything with it. Our quarterback couldn't complete a pass to save his life and our running just wasn't there.

Now some news about my son, who I'm very proud of and who played a good game. The Tuesday before our game my son heard that the kid playing in his position on second string varsity was coming down to JV to start over him. We were dissapointed and upset to here this as my son has started in the first four games and hasn't been told that he's not doing his job on offense. Well on Wednesday my son spoke to the coach and was told that he was going to start and then the other kid would play the second series. The one who does the best would get more game time. My son also asked if could move over to the other side if they weren't doing their job, which the coach agreed to.

My son did start the game and played the first series and then the other kids played. Soon after my son was moved to the left side taking that starting position. I know they lost the game, but I told my son that the coaches think highly of him in that they put him over the starter on the opposite side. My son ended up playing both sides throughout the game.

How busy am I, well right after work today I am going to rush to Lakewood High School to shoot the girls varsity volleyball team as they play a team from Austriala. I try to shoot a few games before leaving and going to the varsity football against Poly at Long Beach Vet's stadium. On Saturday I have at least two soccer games to shoot and then on Sunday my niece has a gymnastic competition that I want to shoot. I haven't taken any action shots of her and wanted to get to at least one event to get some shots for my sister.

With all this activity I will have a lot of pictures to post, so stand-by. I did finish going through the JV football pictures but haven't been able to save them to jpeg format and post

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Middle School Flag Football "Hughes vs Bancroft"

I'm starting my third year shooting the sporting events of a local middle school (Hughes Middle School). I started shooting their sporting and various school events when my son was in the 8th grade there. Though this might be my last year with them as money is getting tight for the school. So we'll see what happens and how far it goes this year.

Well the this year is starting with boys flag football and girls volleyball, who play at the same time. For their first game I went out to shoot the flag football game at Bancroft.

Equipment used was the 300 f/2.8L IS lens. Camera was set at aperture priority at f/2.8 with an ISO of 200. All of these shots were taken while kneeling to get a lower perspective.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saturday at the Zoo

I would have liked to shoot some soccer on this last Saturday but the games were rained out and my daughter has been asking to go to the Los Angeles Zoo. The plan was to shoot a game early and then go to the zoo, but due to heavy rain on Friday night they were all cancelled, so we went to the zoo early.

Now while at the zoo it rained a bit, but my daughter and I just found some shelter under some trees and waited for it to stop. I did bring the beast with me, which is my 300 f/2.8L IS lens to take some shots. I was very pleased with what I ended up with.

I know this site was made to display my action shots but sometimes you just have to share with everyone the shots you took. So I'm sharing with ya'all. Enjoy.

Lakewood vs Kennedy

Before I start writing about this weeks football I must give some background first. During this last week's practice my son re-injured his left shoulder. This was an injury that started during the summer and has came back a couple of times since then. Well on Tuesday he hurt his shoulder real bad, so bad he told me that he wanted to cry. So on Wednesday, which is the day before the game, he practiced light to give his shoulder a break and then suited up for the game on Thursday against Kennedy. I told him he should consider sitting out this game so his arm would heal and be ready for their first season game against none other than Poly. This game is a big game for Lakewood and they need all their starters in the game. John really didn't want someone else playing in his spot so decided to suit up and see what happens.

The JV team just walked all over Kennedy giving us a decent lead by the end of the first quarter. John played just about the whole first quarter and a little in the second quarter. Since the team was doing so well, the coach told John to sit out the second half and give his arm a rest, which he did. We ended up winning 34 - 8.

As for the varsity, John doens't really want to suit up for them because he believes he won't get a chance to play, so why suit up. He'd rather spend the time with his friends in the stands watching the game. So since his are was hurting him he talked to the head coach and decided to sit the varsity game out.

He picked the wrong game to sit out. The varsity did so well that they put everyone in, including the second string offensive lineman behind John. If John would have suited up he would have played in his first varsity game this last Friday night. After the game I met up with my son and could see it in his face. He was upset and depressed that he wasn't out there and didn't get a chance to play. I felt so bad for him, but I know he did the right thing not suiting up. Our game against Poly is an important game and we need him on the field. He can't help the team if he's injured and on the sidelines.

With all this said, here are some action shots from both games.

Now I couldn't post some shots of the game without a few of my favorite player, my son.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The end to a busy week

This last week was a busy one with a lot of pictures being taken. It all started with our JV football game on Thursday, "Lakewood vs Mayfair". Pictures have already been posted below from the game. On Friday I left work early to shoot a girls varsity volleyball game at Lakewood High School. I was able to shoot 3 of the 5 games before I had to leave for the varsity football game, which was being played at Belflower High School. I went to the school early to shoot some warm up shots and then the game. Again, pictures from this game have already been posted below.

Now for the busy part. While shooting the JV game on Thursday I was appraoched by a father of one of the JV players and asked if would shoot a soccer league he's involved in and put together a DVD slideshow for their banquet. He continued saying they played on Saturday and Sunday's and that there were four games on Saturday. Well, you should know me by now and know that I was going to shoot the soccer league either way.

So Saturday I get up early after a late night with varsity football and some celebration to shoot four youth soccer games. Started at 9am and ended at 3pm. Now I said that the games were over at 3pm but I wasn't done yet. Some friends of the family had a soccer game with their 8 year old son, so I went to the game which started at 3:15pm to take some action shots of him.

I've said it many times on a couple of forums that for me it's not about the money. Yes I want to make some money so that I can buy better gear and equipment, but for me the whole enjoyment and what really gets me excited is seeing the expression on parents faces when they see the pictures, so here are some pictures from the soccer games. Enjoy!