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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lakewood Varsity Football vs Poly

The Lakewood - Poly game has come and gone.  This is the game I DO NOT look forward to each year.  Poly is the dominating team in the Moore League and no other team in the league has beat them since 2009 when Lakewood stopped their winning streak of 86 straight league game wins and considering there are only 5 league games each year that a long time for never losing a league game.  So while poly continues to take the league, the rest of the teams fight for 2nd and third place to make the playoffs.  Lakewood has been the runner up in the league, taking 2nd place most years, but over the last few years and the constant changes of the coaching staff, Lakewood has been losing their momentum.

Needless to say I expected Poly to really control the game and overwhelm Lakewood on both sides of the ball.  You can only imagine how much of a surprise I had when mid-way through the second quarter Lakewood was up 14-7.  That lead didn't last long as Poly found their momentum and began moving past Lakewood.  Although Poly did win with a 35-21 final score, I was really impressed with how Lakewood played as a team and fought Poly hard throughout the game, something they haven't done all season.

Looking through these shots your not going to see a one-sided game, but a game of action on both sides, so please enjoy my favorites from the game.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Moore League Cross Country

I've covered the Long Beach Middle School Cross Country Meet for several years now, but this was the first time I made it out to a high school cross country meet.

I've been walking up and down Signal Hill for about a year now for exercise, but it didn't prepare me for covering this race.  The Moore League holds one of their meets on Signal Hill and when I cover a cross country meet I try to get shots from three different locations.  I usually get close to the beginning and start, then I'll move to a location mid-way through the race, and finally I get the finish.  Well that meant walking up and down the various hills along the trail, which I'm not happy to say, kicked my butt.

Even with this being my first time covering this race, I am very happy with the shots I did get.  So please take a look at my favorites and highlights from the meet.

Lakewood JV Football vs Poly

Lakewood vs Poly

This is the game I don't look forward to, as in the Moore League Poly is the power house and always the team to beat.  For as long as I've been shooting high school football Poly has been the team to beat and it wasn't until 2009 when Lakewood ended Poly's 86 league game streak, but since then Poly has dominated the league.

 The JV game is simply a warm-up for Lakewood's biggest game of the season, which is played under the lights.

As for these future varsity players, as most games with Lakewood they started out strong, but Poly eventually took the lead and dominated the field.

Here are some of my favorites from the game.