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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lake Havasu 2011

First this is late coming, but none the less is finally here.

As most of you are well aware, each year about this time my family, along with my two sister's and their families go to Lake Havasu for a week long vacation. It's all about relaxation, fun, and spending some great quality family time together. For me, it means a week of not having to answer the phone at work - can you say SWEET!

Now I usually post too many pictures and if your thinking I did again well then you are absolutely right. How can I now after spending a week at the lake and taking tons of pictures. So sit back and enjoy the show.

I'm am going to start with a picture of yours truly, which was taken by my daughter (nice job sweetheart, you captured my stuffed muffinness)

A little scenery after leaving Blythe and heading to Parker AZ.

None other than "The Family"

For the general pictures I'm going to start out with various family and fun shots

During our second evening we had a monsoon that passed near-by. This monsoon was giving us a light show so I decided to bring out my camera to see if I could capture some lightning shot, which I haven't done before. I did bring my tripod and a shutter release cable just in case something like this happened. I set my camera to manual (ISO 100, f/11, and bulb). I would lock the shutter open and wait for the lightning to strike. I even left it open to get multiple strikes on the same frame. The first shot shows a single strike, while the next two shot multiple strikes.

During the sixe years my family has come to Lake Havasu we have had some interesting things come to our beach area. We've had a very strange and scary looking sand spider, and two years ago we had a pelican that even came into our canopy's. This year had a few ducks decide to come and visit us. Once I saw that they were staying close I got my camera with the 70-200 f/2.8 attached and got into the water. Once I was about chest deep I positioned myself so the sun was behind me and started taking some shots. This first one is my favorite in the bunch.

Now for some various senery and fun shots along the beach.

"The Ladies of Havasu"

Now for the action. I will start with some wake boarding shots.

I usually don't get on the tube as I'm usually keeping myself pretty busy taking pictures, but I decided (or should I say was talked into) getting out on the water. I had my daughter take some shots and I think she did a wonderful job. Anyone who tells you it's easy taking pictures from the back of a boat while it's turning from side to side to wipe the tupe around is crazy. It's very hard as not only are you being forced / jerked from right to left, but you constantly have to tilt your camers to maintain the horizon, so with this said my daughter did an outstanding job.

I have to say capturing the action of the tube has got to be my favorite. I usually get some great action as well as some great expression, which I'm sure after you view these shots you will agree.

Something that has become somewhat a tridition during the last couple of years is taking portraits of the moms and this year was no exception. I have to honestly say I just wasn't into it this year and I think the pictures show that, but I did my best and feel I left with some nice pictures anyway.

This last group of shots are of my wife, my best friend, and well you know -wink wink nudge nudge. She puts up with me and I love her for it.

I hope you all enjoyed looking through these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. Until next year.

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Christina Cayer said...

Ok don't have a heart attack dear but I'm posting on your blog. Loved all the pics. You did a wonderful job especially with the ones of ME the wife. I'll try to do better next year with the woardrob, so my but doesn't look so big. Love you always.

Love Buns