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Monday, April 13, 2015

Bolsa Chica Wetlands

Was able to take a much deserved walkabout to the wetlands and it was a great evening to be out.  The weather was perfect with just enough wildlife out to keep me active in shooting.

Its always a great walkabout when I leave with several different great shots of the wetlands wildlife as you'll see in the shots below.  To put icing on the cake - so to speak - it was the perfect type of sunset allowing me to great some great silhouettes with my 300 f/2.8L, which always makes it special.

Lets start with this grand guy - the brown Pelican

The Terns have been somewhat quite this year, but this evening they were out and more active, so I was able to get a couple of nice shots of them.

This time of the year always brings out the spider, which I can really do without, but I do have to take the opportunity for some pictures.  Again this spider was taken with my 300 f/2.8L

It's always a special honor and pleasure when I'm able to get some shots of one of the Osprey in the area.  This guy was resting in a tree and I waited about 45 min's for him to finally take off giving me some shots of him in flight, which made the evening worth it.

I love grabbing shots of the snowy whites when they land on the old surrounding fences and this one was kind enough to pose for me for a short time.

Normally the Great Blue Herons don't let you get close at the wetlands, but this one seemed to be per-occupied with his fishing, giving me the opportunity to get some shots of him catching his dinner.

And finally there is the sunset.  While walking out I positioned myself in line with a life guard tower and the sun to get these next two shots looking across Pacific Coast Highway at Bolsa Chica Beach.  What an evening to be out and alive.

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