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Monday, March 18, 2013

Disneyland - Mad T-Party

 As you may know my daughter works at Disneyland and has recently found her favorite place to work, The "Mad T-Party".  She wanted to show us what went on and why she loves working that area so we decided to head out there this past Saturday for an evening out.

Although people have access to the area and stage in the Mad T-Party, it doesn't officially open until 6pm when Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum come out to get the crowd pumped and ready.  This is followed by the band, which comes out at the top of every hour starting 6pm till closing.  From what I understand is there are various people in this group and they change out on different days.  The lead singer on this day was my daughter's favorite, so of course I had to grab some shots of him.

Approx 30 min's later the band stops and a dance crew start up on another stage for 10 min's, this is followed by "Slinky".  Now I have to say this was just so cool to watch.  The person in this costume just does all these unique moves like a slinky would.  "Very COOL!"  So I did take a bunch of shots of, whom I like to call "Mr. Slinky".

Here are a couple hand held shots at very slow shutter speeds.  I did not bring my tripod and wanted to try my luck with a couple of shots.  I did have some help on both of these, so I guess its not really hand held.

For the first shot I braced my camera on a fence rail with the following settings (f/2.8, ISO 1000, and a shutter of 1/15)

This last shot was taken at f/4.5, ISO 1000, and a shutter of 1/.8-1/20 (3-shot bracket +2/0/-2).  I placed my camera bag on a brick post and used it to set my camera on.  This shot a 3-shot bracket shot for HDR.

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