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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

MASH - Malibu State Park

Vacation, vacation, vacation.  I have two weeks and looking for things to do and shoot.  Not just for myself, but something I can do with my kids, that is when their not working.

Well I recently saw something on the web about Malibu State Park and after looking at their site for hikes discovered that the television show "MASH" was filmed there and that there are still some old props (rusted jeep and rescue truck used in the series) there.

But before I get into my hike, I need to tell you a quick story.  While I was in high school I took a Saturday class that covered plant life.  I wanted to be a forest ranger before I decided to become a cop and took this class to help with my knowledge.  Any hoot, on one Saturday our class took a field trip to Malibu State Park for a hike and to explore the plant life.  Part of the hike had us climbing this rocky hill (don't ask me why).  Once we got to the top our teacher decided it was just too dangerous for us to climb back down and after waiting several hours we were rescued by the sheriffs.  Yep, they brought in a helicopter and took us off the hill.  A little embarrassing, but still it was pretty cool getting a helicopter ride.

Ok, now back to whats at hand.  After finding this info I decided to head out to Malibu State Park for a hike with my son and to see the MASH site.  Since I read there was various wildlife in the park I brought my baby with me.  I carried two cameras, one had my 300 f/2.8 with a 1.4x attached and another had my 24-70 f/2.8.  I also brought a trypod that my son carried with some water.

After hiking approx 2.7 miles to the MASH site the first thing you see is an old hospital truck pictured below.

As you continue around a turn I saw the original hospital truck, which was used in the tv show.  This shot was taken with my 300.

This sign depicts the layout of their set.  This sign is located just in front of the old rusted out hospital truck.

The below shot was taken from the helicopter pad.  Where you see the benches is where the Nurses, Hot Lips, and Father Mulcahy's tent was located.  Just past the sign is where Hawkeye's tent (Swamp) was located and in the clearing just in front of the trees (right above the rusted hospital truck) is where the hospital was located.

This sign depicts the hospital during a scene and the shot below shows the same area.  You can see the same rock face (top right of sign) in the picture below the sign.

During our hike back I saw this tree and wanted to get a shot of it isolated in the scene.  Just thought it was interesting.


Anonymous said...

That's so cool. How did they get the cast and crew in?

Love, your stalker

Tammy Hayward said...

Awesome pics Jim, Thank you for sharing your talent.
Regards, Booshka