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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lakewood Varsity Football vs Millikan

This game marks the end of league play and now it is time for the playoffs.  Lakewood takes second place in the Moore League only losing to Poly and considering they have gone through 4 coaches in the last 5 years is outstanding and shows how dedicated and strong these young men are to push through the adversity and put it all on the field.

Congratulations to the Lakewood Lancers who take second place in Moore League and bringing home the Hamilton trophy, which will remain at Lakewood another year.  A job well done.

This post isn't going to be about the action.  Now understand I did capture some great action, but there are other parts of the game that simply speak to me.  I love sportraits, which for me means an official portrait / candid style shot of the athletes in the game and to highlight these type of shots I love placing the scoreboard in the background.  I just feel the lights of the scoreboard add something to the shot, brings it up a level - if not more.

Now I don't use a flash for a couple of reasons.  One I feel all the added gear associated with the flash is too bulky to carry around.  Second I've never been a fan of flashed shots for football.  I rather love the deep shadows and added grain I get in my shots.  Isn't this what football is, that in your face gritty, dirty, dark shots.  Maybe not for all, but me it does and I love what I get.

Please enjoy the pictures and if you feel inclined, please add a comment about what you think with this style of shot.  I would love to see what your thoughts are.

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