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Monday, July 13, 2015

Its all about the Terns - with a bonus

Yesterday in Southern Calif was such a beautiful day I just had to get out.  After taking my mom and dad out to lunch, I went home got my gear and headed out to the Wetlands, yep, my favorite place to enjoy a great day.

As I drove up I can see there were already a lot of photographers in the middle portion of the wetlands capturing the action of the Terns fishing, so once I got set up I took the 3/4 mile walk along the trail boarding Pacific Coast Highway and wetlands to get to the Terns.  I found myself a spot to sit and enjoy the late afternoon taking shots of the Terns fishing.  Now my goal was to get some shots of them exiting the water after a dive and then shaking off the water.  I had my 300 f/2.8 and 1/4 tele-converter attached, which is some occasions made the action just too close, but it did work out in the end.

I was able to get some nice shots of both, but not the shot that just says "BAM", still trying to get that shot and I know I will.

After sitting there for about an hour I decided I needed to get up and see if the Osprey was out and after walking into the wetlands more I found him on his normal perch.  I position myself along the upper trail so I can get a more level shot of him and simply waited.  The shots I wanted was of him taking off and possibly pooping.  Well today I was able to get both, which was a bonus so to speak.

So please enjoy the shots as much as I did taking them.

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