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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lakewood Varsity vs Poly

This is the game we wait for each year. We know it will be the hardest game played and we would have to bring every tool we have to win it. As I said in my prior post this game determines who will take first and second place in the league. It doesn't matter when this game is played in the season as the team that wins is pretty much taking the league while the losing team will place second, although neither want anything to do with second place.

I am a Lakewood fan and I cover their football games and although I would very much love to see Lakewood bury them, Poly is a great team and if we give them any space they would take it and so much more. Also what I want more than anything is to have a great game of football between these two teams.

Well Lakewood or myself didn't get what we want. Although by the end of the first half Lakewood was up 14-10, it wasn't because of our offense. Our defense gave us all the points we had the first half and was holding Poly. If we were to win this game our offense would have to start moving that ball and put some points on the board, but this didn't happen. In the third quarter Poly came out and scored three times without Lakewood throwing anything back at them. Lakewood is usually a second half team, but this game they came out without drive or motivation, it wasn't until mid forth quarter that Lakewood started to play some football again. We did manage to score again on a great fast drive, but Poly had to much of a lead and we turned up the heat much to late.

Congratulations to the Poly team. Lakewood - keep your chin up and get ready for the next game. Let's get into the playoffs and turn that fire up again. Enjoy the pictures.

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