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Monday, October 3, 2011

Lakewood Varsity vs Wilson

Our season has officially started with an away game at Long Beach Wilson. I'm not sure what Lakewood expected, but Wilson wasn't going to go down easy and game to play some football, especially their quarterback #8.

The game seemed to changed momentum back and forth between each team throughout the first half and when Wilson took the field during the 3rd quarter, their quarterback, weather by design or of his own choosing, pushed Wilson back into the game by pretty much doing anything and everything. If he didn't pass the ball he ran it moving them forward. I have to say he was the man to stop and did a great job, but in the end Lakewood pushed harder and wanted the win more as their defense put a stop to Wilson's QB and the offence continued their drive.

A great game of football.

For tonight's game I decided to bring out the flash. First my camera was set to manual with the following settings. ISO 3200, f/2.8, shutter at 1/400. Now the flash was set up off camera, about 1 1/2' below the camera attached to my monopod. By setting up my flash this way it lights up the inside the helmet better and lessens red eye. This conversion is an action I made in Lightroom.

The below shot is something I've recently started to look for when covering these games. I look for a shot that has a little emotion to it, without seeing a face. A shot that might tell a story that each viewer will see differently. Wilson was setting up for a kick-off return while being behind in points. Our kicker was putting the ball in the end zone on most kicks preventing Wilson from getting a return. You can almost see the frustration in this athlete knowing that an opportunity for a return will most likely go unanswered.


Cynthia said...

Nice job as always. Love the additional information regarding your setup. Flash is something I still need to learn. Thanks for sharing!

Cynthia said...

Pardon my ignorance, but how are you attaching the flash to the monopod. Is it a special monopod?

Lori Westlund said...

I'm glad you asked Cynthia...I was wondering the same thing. Also, what flash are you using?

Jim, "Homer" said...

Never a problem Cynthia, I'll put a post together covering my flash set up and Lori I use the 580ex.