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Friday, October 14, 2011

Lakewood JV vs Poly

This is the prequel to the most anticipated game of the season "Lakewood vs Poly". Now althoug h I say prequel to the most anticipated game I'm referring to the Lakewood and Poly fans, but by no means do I mean this JV game meant nothing. As a matter a fact I mean the complete opposite. While I was shooting this game a lot of Lakewood varsity players were on the sideline near the endzone towards the end of the game and things were becoming heated between these varsity players and the Poly players on the field. As staff was trying to get the Lakewood varsity players back to avoid a penality call I heard one varsity player said "This is only JV, it don't mean nothing". I thought about that statement and to be honest was a bit dissapointed in the player who made this statement. This game is just as important to these kids and their family up in the stands watching as any varsity game being played this season. This was the Lakewood / Poly match up and although it was JV, it was setting the tone for tonights varsity game at Vet's stadium.

Now with that said I want to get back to the players and this game. I have to say I get a bit nervous every year when it comes to this game (Lakewood vs Poly) and event mentioned that to one of Lakewood's trainers just prior to the start of the game. Poly is the team to beat and has been so throughout the six years I've been taking pictures for them and although we have one a game or two, we usually leave the field with a loss.

If a tone was to be set it was set by this game. Lakewood came out ready to play football and took charge of the game from the get go. By the end of the half it was 20-0 Lakewood. I don't think I've ever seen a game where Poly went scoreless for this long, but it was happening. Now we all have to remember that Poly plays great football and there's a reason why their the team to beat and they let Lakewood know that this game wasn't over by any means.

During the second half Poly came out with fire in their eyes and stopped Lakewood in their tracks while putting 13 points on the board. Now we were down to the last few minutes of the game with Poly stopping Lakewood most recent attempt to score to put more distance between them and Poly. Poly made a valient effort and drove the ball down to their 25yrd line with 1/10 of a second left in game time, but failed to do anything with it.

Simply put this was a great game of football by both teams and if tonight's varsity game is anything like this game, we are in for a night.

Now enjoy some shots from this game.

I may be over doing it, but I really like how these b&w images are coming out and continued with the below shots. Some shots in my mind just scream "B&W" .

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