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Monday, April 16, 2012

Cal State Long Beach Baseball vs UC Santa Barbara

Another first for me, this past Saturday I covered my first college baseball game, which I think went very well.

What does one do when they go to a new location to cover a game, well for me I like to get better familiar with my surroundings and locate potential spots where I will be shooting from. So for starters I located Cal State's SID (Sports Information Director) and introduced myself and obtained information regarding shooting locations, I then went to these spots to see how they would look.

Once the game started I began my shooting at the visitor side picnic area, which is located just past the dugout and third base. After a couple of innings I moved to some box seats that are reserved for alumni. Now I was only at this location for 1/2 an inning when I was approached by security asking who I was and if I had a ticket. I identifed myself and who I was shooting and was then told I can't stay in the boxed seating area. Now I was advised by the SID that I could shoot from these seats, but since this was my first time here I simply said sorry and moved back to the picnic area, but prior to this I was told that they don't mind me shooting from the seats for a few shots, they just don't want me staying there. So I simply apoligized and moved back to the picnic area.

I then moved to the box seats directly behind the catcher / pitcher and got a few shots from that location before moving to the stands on the home team side where I shot for two innings.

So in the end I learned the ropes as to where I could go and go a little bit more comfortable with the area and shooting this team. Next time I will be more relaxed and just do my thing.

So enjoy the shots.

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Anonymous said...

Good timing on the at-bats