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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Clackamas Dance/Drill - United Spirit Association Dance/Drill Nationals

A friend of mine was heading out this way, well to Anaheim to be exact, for the United Spirit Association Dance/Drill Nationals. My friends daughter has been involved in dance/drill for some time now and we both have exchanged information on sports action photography, so we discussed about me coming out to photograph the girls in action.

I have shoot cheer/drill/dance before, but it is a very unique occurrence and very infrequent, but I do take great pride in being able to capture the shots. Now the question is what type of action am I looking for. Do I keep it wide and get general action or do I bring out the big gun and shoot tight. Well I decided to try a combination, although I was leaning with keeping it tight.

Yesterday (Saturday) were the prelims with today being the finals. So I covered the girls prelim routine, which I have to say was tough. I'm trying to capture the action on a routine I've never seen before, so I had no idea with what they were going to do. I was basically letting my observation and reaction dictate what I was going to shoot. Unfortunately the girls didn't make the finals. I do have to say with I was happy with the end result and felt that keeping it tight was better for what I was looking for.

Thanks a bunch for the opportunity to come out and cover your girls my friend - you know who your are.

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! You're my hero. :)

Love, your stalker. :)