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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bolsa Chica Wet Lands

If you haven't figured it out yet - my favorite spot for wildlife photography is the Bolsa Chica Wet Lands.  There is such a large assortment of wild / water life I see different things each and every time I go.  Take my most recent venture out there.  I was scheduled and set to shot the Long Beach Middle School boys and girls soccer championships, but once I got to the location I found that either the location or date has changed and that information wasn't forwarded to me.  So later that day I decided to head out to the wet lands to see what I would see.

There are two locations where I will normally park.  The west entrance and the east entrance.  The east entrance has a foot bridge right at the parking lot and is where the terns tend to fish, so I started there where I took a few tern shots.  From this location I can walk either of two trails.  I usually walking along the north trail as it further away from the highway, which in tern is more relaxing, but this time I decided to follow the trail that boarded the pond and highway.  As it was that was the best choice.

While walking along the path I saw what I thought was an Osprey, but now I think it was a red tail hawk, although if you know please correct me on this. , land on a sign along the path I normally take.  Any hoot my first thought was "Damn" the one time I take this path a hawk, which I've never seen done before, lands on sign where I normally walk.  So while I watch and wish I was on the other side the hawk launches off the sign and flies to some shrubs not 20' from me.  I know you can't see it, but I was and still am grinning ear to ear.  I slowly move closer and closer to see what I can get shot wise and spend about the next hour moving around the immediate area taking various shots.  As it turned out the hawk caught a squirrel and instead of flying off somewhere to eat, decided to simply stay there and devour it while I got to watch.  I have to say it was pretty cool watching this - oh and taking the shots.  I was amazed on how close he allowed other people who were walking and jogging along the path to get.  He simply stayed there and finished his din din.

So enjoy the shots and I would love to hear or see what you think.

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HikinMike said...

What a treat! At first I thought you bought a 500mm to capture that Hawk. Nice job Jim!