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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Anza Borrego Desert

Spent the day in the Anza Borrego Desert with Peter Tellone of The HDR Image, Shelly from Shelly Rosen Photography , and Shannon from Shannon Edmonds Photography.

Peter frequents the Anza Borrego Desert and offered to take us out to a few spots for some exploration and hopefully some sweet sunsets.

Our first stop was actually a senic over look and just prior to this I saw this catus budding out of some rocks on a slight hill, so once we stopped I took a little hike to find the cutus. Although I didn't find the one I initally saw I did find this one and took a couple shots of it. For these two shots I did use my 300 f/2.8. Thats right - I brought my 300 for a day of senics and sunsets, but my thought process was in the desert there is an abundance of wildlife and if I did encounter some I would have the lens to shoot it. Well at least that was the thought.

Now once we arrived onto the valley floor we stopped for a restroom break and some lunch. Not a lot around, but I was able to grab a shot.

I'm not sure what the name of this wash / canyon is called, but it was very cool. We spent some time there checking the area and taking pictures, or can I be so bold to say taking works of art. Ok, maybe thats too far, but either way I was very nice. Shelly brought her son and he was really getting into taking pictures. I have to say this little guy is such a cool kid with a great personality. I'm sure what ever he does he's going to be awesome.

Can I get a big woot woot, finally there is some wildlife for me to shoot, although this guy didn't get too close. I was still able to get some shots and with a bit (cough, cough, wink, wink) I ended up with this.

The future is nothing but up for this young man.

The last place of the day "Fonts Point". This was the location we were hoping to get the sunsets, but as things would have it the horizon was very hazy, but we made it work. So here are the last few shots.

I think this last image is fitting for the evening and time spent in the desert. Here is Peter with Matthew, both setting up their camera for the shot.

Now I did take some HDR, but I will need some time to play and see what I end up with, as those are simply out and really away from my box, but keep checking as I will post them once I've finished my mojo on them.

It was a great day and although I didn't take a bunch of shots, I had a great time simply hanging with Peter, Shelly, and Shannon, oh and how can I forget Matthew. I hope to do this more often. I hope you enjoy the shots.


Peter Tellone said...

Great shots my friend, I wish we would have had some better light for shooting but some things we just can't control.
The first area was Split Mountain
Beautiful shot of Mathew, some day we will be reading his photography blog, kicking our butts.
I;m glad we could all get together. We'll do it again.

Shelly Rosen said...

Wow, I do love your shots! I love the compression on the background, guess I am a sucker for blurry backgrounds :-) I love the capture of Matthew. It was nice re-living the day through your blog! I hope we all go out again soon and we don't take another 3 years to plan the next one. Our group gives me a kick. A landscape photographer, a sports action/wildlife photographer, a newborn/family photographer, and a family/wedding photographer!

I'm ready to go back out, just say the word!

Shelly Rosen said...

Oh by the way,
Shannon is Shannon Edmonds :-)

Jim, "Homer" said...

Thanks a bunch for stopping by Peter and Shelly, oh and I fixed Shannon's name (thanks).

I'm all for more get togethers and don't have any problems taking drives. I really enjoy these and do want to do them more often.

Albert Quackenbush said...

Beautiful shots, Jim. Love the hawk and the overlook. Quality detail and just plain beautiful. I have been told to go out there for years to shoot in the Spring. Stoked you were able to do it!

Misty said...

These are fantastic!