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Monday, March 5, 2012

CIF Semi-Finals Boys Soccer Millikan vs Loyola

Last week I took off early (yeah I deducted it from my time) to cover the CIF semi-finals at Loyola High for boys soccer.

I hate covering a team when its a defensive game as I don't get the face on action as they move the ball towards the goal and me, which is how this game started and pretty much played out during the whole first half. Occasionally the Millikan Rams, whom I was covering, moved the ball and made attempts to score, but on the most part the ball stayed on Loyola's side. This caused me to adjust my position to get some action of my players as Loyola dominated the first half making two goals.

I don't know what was said during their halftime between the players and coaches, but whatever it was it put some fire in Millikan's eyes. They came out during the second half playing some great offense and moving the ball, which gave me more and better opportunities to capture some offensive shots.

Now to quickly run down the remaining game stats, Millikan was able to score their first goal at about the 17 min mark (second half), bringing the score 2-1 Loyola. With just a little more than a minute left in game play Millikan pulled off another goal tying the score. This brought them into overtime with two additional 10min periods. After no goals being made during double overtime the game went to penalty kicks. I have to say I was very impressed with Millikan's goalie and how he was able to read the ball and eventually winning in penalty kicks.

Now to the shots. I've said it in the past and will state it again, take the opportunity during warm up to get some shots of the goalie. I say this for a couple of reasons. One and most importantly if you position yourself to get the goalie you are more than likely positioning yourself away from the offensive side of the action and missing a lot of shots, but if your team is being dominated then you'll have plenty of opportunities for some great goalie action.

So these first two shots were taken during warm up and since the first shot was a bit soft past the hands I decided to play with it and turn it into a b&w (high contrast / clarity), which I like a lot.

Now for some game action.

This was Millikan's first goal

Although I didn't capture a decent shot of the second goal I did get some great shots of the player who made the shot as he ran towards Loyola side lines screaming. Loved the intensity of this one.

Of course they need to get the fans invovled.

With the score tied 2-2 and after double overtime the game went to penalty kicks. This first one is of the Millikan goalie who did an awesome job at the net.

Taken just after he stopped his last goal for the win and right before he was mobbed by his team.

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mkscgoalie said...

thanks for the shout out on these pictures, I'm the Millikan keeper. Thank you for covering our game soo many memories were made that day.