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Sunday, April 27, 2014

LAPD Centurians vs San Deigo Enforcers

This is late, but better late than never.
I've been with the LAPD for 26 years now and have been wanting to shoot one of their football games.  That's right, the LAPD has a team that competes with various other police and fire departments throughout the country.

Well this past week I was talking with a co-worker and he mentioned they had a game coming up and that he usually attends them.  I brought up the fact I've been wanting to shoot a game and after a few phone calls from him it was arranged for me to get sideline access.
I've never shot at the school where they play, but once I got there I knew it would be a tough one to shoot from.  The field is on the side of a hill and only has a bout 6 feet of space from the sidelines to the wall, which makes it hard to move about, but I do what comes naturally and made it work.
This wasn't a high scoring game to say the least, it was 9-7 by half time and the Centurians were having problems running the ball and passes just weren't working out for me, so needless to say I didn't get a lot of shots that made me say wow.  Also their half time was extended greatly and I had plans with me son, so I ended up leaving prior to the second half, which I found out later never happened due to some unforeseen issues.
With that said here are my favorites from the game.  I've also created a sport art piece using one of the players (last shot).


Cynthia said...

As usual, solid!

I'm finally getting to the point of capturing action shots I'm pleased with. Thanks for your inspiration! :)

Jim, "Homer" said...

Your more than welcome Cynthia and thanks.