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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lakewood Varsity Football vs Compton

 I really needed this game.  I've missed the last two Varsity games due to a family situation, well my son moved out of state and I've gone with him twice in the last 3 weeks to get him set up and hopefully a great start for him to now take his own path in life.

I have to say I am very close to both of my kids and with him moving away it made the last few weeks very tough and to be honest I'm not over it yet, but shooting a game under the lights really helps my soul.

My camera has limitations, in that my ISO only goes up to 3200 and at the schools I shoot at I'm lucky to get 1/400 of a shutter speed while shooting.  Now I've been shooting under these conditions for quite a few years and although I've used a flash in the past I still go back to not using a flash.  I love the grittiness and grunge look of the deep shadows and to be honest I think that look does very well with football.  I did have the opportunity to use and shoot with a Canon 1DX, which I will admit I enjoyed greatly, but it doesn't bother me to shoot under the conditions I'm used to and with the camera that has taken care of me over all these years.

So with that said, please enjoy the shots below and remember to shoot with passion and enjoy doing it.

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CMR photography said...

I was able to shoot my first game under the lights last Friday. although not near your skill level I think I did a half way decent job for my first time. As always Jim amazing!