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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lakewood Varsitty Football vs Mayfair

The "Milk Bucket", that's what this game is all about.

A game that can be counted on every year is against Lakewood's cross town rival Mayfair.  The winner of this game not only gets bragging rights for the next year, but gets to hold the Milk Bucket, which is the trophy that's been passed on from year to year.

After last weeks major loss to Bosco I wasn't sure if we would maintain possession of the Milk Bucket, but our boys came out and dominated the game winning 31 - 0.

This was our first football program of the season and it was mine.  Below you will see what I put together for this special game.

Since I neglected the cheerleaders during the JV game, well I really didn't as the cheerleaders don't attend the away JV / Freshmen games, but either way I made up for it with this game getting some nice shots of them.

Now to the action of the game.

What better shot can you have for a game like this.  First of all it wasn't until the last couple minutes of the game that I realized and remembered the trophy, which then hit me as I didn't bring the right lens to capture the celebration after the game (Only brought the beast - 300 f/2.8), but I refused to let that stop me from getting the right shot.  So I simply waited and positioned myself a little further back to see what I could get when this shot presented itself.  With milk dripping from the trophy and all over the player - this couldn't have been any better.

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