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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Havasu Vacation 2012

Its been a month since I've been back from our family Lake Havasu vacation and I'm finally getting this post put together.  I still have a slide show to get jiggy with, but that a different story and blog post.

Every year on our way to Havasu we stop at Denny's in Blythe for lunch.  This is something my daughter looks forward to each and every year, but this year my daughter didn't want to go and stayed home.  Needless to say this was a little rough on the wife and I since this will be her first time home alone for that long, but we have to let our children grow and I know she's very responsible.  So this shot was taken for her, my SWEETHEART.

Now another thing we do each and every time we arrive at Havasu Springs Resort is to relax in the pool after unpacking.  Other than relaxing in the pool myself I tend to bring the camera and by camera I mean my Canon Mark IIn and the 70-200 f/2.8, and I do get into the water to get these shots.  It is all about the shot - right.

Well what can I say, I am on vacation :)

Each night I hope for partial cloud cover and colorful sunsets, well the first night in Havasu did not let me down.  The next two shots were done in HDR, something I've been learning and playing with.  Well more playing then learning.

This is where we will spend our days during the next week.  Canopy's are put up with a nice screen to give us some much needed shade.  Home away from home.

What is havasu without water sports such as wake boarding, knee boarding, and tubing, which you will see in the shots below

The beginning of Day 2 in havasu

Just something fun

Day 3's sunset

Day 4, fun in the sun and relaxing in the water.

Day 5 - the wify

Sunset for Day 5

Day 6

Our last full day in Havasu.  Now recently I've been seeing people post shots of their feet in the various areas they are, so here are my feet, crooked toes and all.

And yet another tradition, group shot the day we leave.  I love you all and had a great time, see ya next year on the Lake.

Loved the clouds while heading home.

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Anonymous said...

Love them all, but really love the shot of the family. More memories created, nice job.

Stalker Girl.