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Friday, September 7, 2012

Lakewood JV Football vs Mayfair

 Decided to cover the JV away game at Mayfair yesterday, mostly because I wanted some shots of the JV in their away uniforms, which I much prefer.

This game was a nice change of pace from the last two games in which the freshmen and varsity both lost, well badly, to Bosco last week.  So today's game was nice with JV winning 26-0.

Now I did come away with some nice shots, I have to say I was disappointed with my overall results.  There are two kids whose parents have already contacted me saying they wanted pictures and I was unable to get any real good keepers for either of these young men.  My only salvation is we sill have 6 more games to go, so stand by as I tend on getting some good shots of those two.

What I did get from this game were a lot of shots that worked very well my style of b&w.  When converting these I do look for a paticualr type of shot and with this game I ended up with quite a few shots that worked well with it.

"How I got the shot"

Lets take the below simple shot and break it down to let you know how I planned it and what I was looking for.  Most teams will have run in which the tail back runs to the outside around the defensive end and towards the sideline before turning up field.  This is the shot I was looking for.  What I was watching for is a good outside running shot where the player has turned his focus inside due to some defensive player coming towards him (this you can see by the way he is holding his left hand, which is set to make contact with the defender).  Now the defender stayed very low, which I got in the next shot of the sequence, but I didn't like how that came out so I focused on this one.  Space was left to the right (left of runner) where his vision is directed.

Remember, stay low, watch the play develop and you'll get the shot your looking for.

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