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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lakewood Varsity Football vs Narbonne

This is the first time Lakewood has met Narbonne on the grid iron and after the killing Narbonne threw on Poly the week prior I was hoping our boys would take this game seriously and play some great football.  Now I have to be honest, although I back Lakewood and do my best to show these young men in action, I knew this would be a tough game for them and if they went into thinking otherwise, well it wasn't going to be good.

Needless to say it didn't look good for our boys.  Even though the score said 61-6 by games end, I knew our boys could and should have done so much better.  I do think the better team won, but I know our boys are much better than they played that night.

Now it's time to raise their heads and get ready for the season opener against Wilson at home.

For starters this young lady was disappointed she couldn't find a shot of her, so I had to make things right and take a nice shot she could be proud of. 

Now before you get into the action I have to say I usually head to a game early to get some warm up shots, well since this was an away game and a little further away I got there a little more than an hour early.  Well I was very happy I did as the game started an hour earlier, which was fine as that game me an extra hour of daylight for shooting.  So enjoy the shots.

The below shot is one of those shots any defensive player would love to have and I know the parent of this young man will love it as well.  First the above shot was part of a sequence where I thought the quarterback was going to be sacked, but just prior to going down he was able to get the throw off.  Well that was a very bad thing, as the ball went right into the hands of the below player who ran it in for a touch down.  And I was there to capture it all.  Some times things just work out.

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