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Monday, October 22, 2012

Lakewood Varsity Football vs Jordan

 I tend to say things how I see them and am pretty much straight forward.  With that said this game was a huge surprise for me as well as most people attending I would think.

The Lakewood varsity has had a rough year getting things rolling.  Our defense has done an outstanding job, but they can only do so much without the backing from the offense, which has pretty much been non existent during the season.  With holes not being opened up by our offensive line and failure to connect on passes has given us some losses and very close games that should have been big wins.

Before going to this game my thoughts were as follows.  I knew the defense would do what they have done all season, which is provide pressure on the quarterback with multiple sacks and tackles behind the back field for loss of yardage, but it was the offense I thought would simply not produce.  In the end I anticipated a loss against Jordan, who has been playing very well this year.

Needless to say from the moment our offense touched the ball they played football with only one goal and that was to dominate the game, which they did on every possession.  It really wasn't until the last few minutes of the game did they give Jordan the opening they needed to put some points on the board with two back to back kickoff returns for touch downs.

Final score was Lakewood 47 and Jordan 12.

Now although I thought I ended up some nice shots, I have to say I was very surprised I ended up with much of anything.  The lights at Jordan High School are some of the worst, with missing bulbs and few lights on each standard.  So my intent at this game was to get more sportrait type shots as opposed to action, but as the night went on I felt I was getting some good action and just let things take their course.

As my norm, I will start off with a few shots of our cheerleaders.

You will see a few shots showing the scoreboard in the background like the shot below.  I love these type of shots.  Having the glow of lights blurred in the background just makes a shot in my opinion, especially at a high school football game.  You will see a few variations of this in this post.  What I do is keep this in mind while shooting and when I see the opportunity I will position myself to get the lights how I want them for the shot.

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Anonymous said...

Nice work Jim, The light looks great from here. Love that the girls look like they are having fun! Ours are wearing rain coats. Ick.

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