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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lakewood Varsity Football vs Poly

Lakewood vs Poly, this is the game all in the Moore League wait for each year and usually, regardless of where in the schedule it's played, will determine the Moore League Champs.

Although I am somewhat local, having gone to a nearby high school (neighboring city) Lakewood has become part of me as I a part of them.  Having this sort of kinship I get pumped when its game time and sad / disappointed when we get a loss.  This game is no different, if not worse.

Poly has always been the team to beat as long as I've been associated with Lakewood and to be very honest Poly really needs to be brought down a couple of notches, but it's not going to happen this year.

Before we get into the game I want to say that Poly has great showmanship and support, not necessarily from their fans (family), but other sources that the other schools in the Moore League do not have. With that said prior to game start and during warm up, Poly was suited in all white uniforms.  After the warm up the teams go back inside the locker rooms and then make their entrance onto the field.  Well for the second year in a row Poly came out in different uniforms then what they went in with.  They still had the white pants on, but now sported brand new pink jerseys for breast cancer awareness.  My only thought was it must be nice to have money to simply throw in the other teams face.  While other teams are struggling to maintain what they have Poly continues to upgrade.  I understand some may disagree with this, but its the way I see it.

So for all those teams who play poly and continue to lose against them, keep your heads up as your fans support you and your effort.  Your sportsmanship and hearts will carry you far in life.

Now to the pictures.  I've been putting together the covers for our home game football programs and created the below cover for this game.  Now the night prior to being printed I was asked if I could add something for breast cancer awareness and add more pictures on the cover.  The thought was by having more of the players on the cover it would generate more sales, so I made some changes to the cover.

Below is the initial cover with the revised cover below that.

I also put together various pages within the program that I use to not only advertise for my photography, but highlight action shots from recent games as well as high lighting the cheerleaders and band.

Now for the action.  Lakewood had a rough time moving the ball, which made it hard to get the action, but I am happy with what I did get and since we played at Vet's Stadium I was able to increase my shutter from 1/320 to 1/500.  Hope you enjoy the shots.

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Denise Marie Olson said...

excellent Jim!!! loving the pink uniforms and dang your use of textures. wicked cool!!!